Renovation Painting Masonry Paris is a team comprised of 2 interior designers : Flavie and Mathieu, 1 project manager : Nicolas and his associate companies. We offer interior architectural designer and renovation services for your apartment, house or office projects.

Our goal is to support you in carrying out your projects and relieve you of any stress related to work management.

Whatever the complexity of your project, we have carefully selected the best craftsmen. We operate in Paris and its surrounding regions.


Interior designer


École Boulle – Paris – Interior design and layout.

Flavie has acquired a unique skillset through experience with several professions.

Having lived for 5 years in the frenetic and cosmopolitan New York City, Flavie is ever-developing her creativity and inspiration through her meetings and travels related to fashion and all things Flavie. With 5 years of experience in an architectural firm, she offers and guides the design of functional and simple spaces. With a good balance of volume, light, materials and multiple sliders, she creates spaces adapted to your particular desires.


Interior designer


École Camondo – Paris – Diplômé en architecture intérieur et design.

For more than 15 years, Mathieu has worked as a Freelancer in interior design, graphics and exhibition scenography in Paris. He is a specialist in rehabilitation projects on occupied sites, and has a plethora of experience in project management. Mathieu adapts his know-how in all project situations, from the simplest to the most complex, providing all required technical solutions.

He designs your spaces according to your needs. With the support of his technical expertise, he carries out plans to entirety, generating success.


Project manager


Nicolas has many years of experience in graphic arts, specializing in packaging. These experiences were followed by a decision to move to the East Coast of the United States in Philadelphia. Once back in France, he worked in an all-trades building company, notably in the preparation of quotes and monitoring of work. A few years later, he fully integrated into his new profession and his soul as a Parisian handyman was born.

Nicolas supervises the RPM team and its partners, for a response tailored to all project needs. He oversees the coordination, monitoring and strict verification of the site until received by the clients.

The support mission can be divided into several parts. Each step is independent and may or may not be linked to the next according to your specific needs.

After first contact and a possible on-site visit, we will discuss and define the type of mission you need.

1. The study

The purpose of the preliminary design stage is to propose a general concept accompanied by an estimate of the work.

This mission includes:

  • Analysis of documents submitted by the client.
  • The development of a precise program with the client.
  • The site plan (Recorded measurements).
  • Rough estimate of the budget.
  • Conceptual plan and elevations of the work.
  • The technical diagnosis of the work

2. The general design project

This step makes it possible to definitively determine the shape and characteristics of the work.

This mission includes:

  • The final work file (plans and sections)
  • Validation of construction supplies, layout and technical installations (electrical network, plumbing, heating, carpentry)
  • The filing of plans in entirety by the company
  • Description of the work by company
  • Verification of quotes.
  • The provisional work schedule
  • The estimated cost of the work.

3. Site monitoring and coordination

The third step is carrying out the work:

  • Coordination and implementation of the site with the companies.
  • Organization of site meetings and preparation of site reports.
  • Verification of work.
  • Progress updates
  • Project approval.

Tariffs and deadline

Following our first meeting or contract, and according to your specific request, we will give you a quote comprised of 1 to 3 of the following parts:

1. Study (includes a survey of dimensions).
2. General design (detailed plans and cost file).
3. Site monitoring

Each package is unique.
Allow for an allotment of 2/3 days for a quote to be determined.

Depending on the scope of your project, expect 10 to 15 days for the development of the study (from the measurements taken).

We are open to all projects, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

We will adapt to your budget needs

Partners and guarantees 

All our projects benefit from a ten-year guarantee, complying with all French construction standards and UTS (unified technical standards).

Our selected partners are highly qualified and we choose to not employ other subcontractors so that we may guarantee you a quality of excellence.


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